Sharjah Higher Colleges Project


The following activities are part of the LSB 2433 Ecology Course:

1. Bird Photography Competition

Take the best photograph of a bird on our campus. All pictures submitted will be posted here.

All photographs submitted here will receive extra credit as part of the classwork portfolio.

2. Spot and photograph a new bird

If you spot and photograph a bird not already photographed on the University City, Sharjah (USC) list submit it and earn extra credits on your classwork portfolio.

3. Bird diversity project 

A project comparing bird diversity in the area behind Tanweer Hall with the four areas on campus where bird diversity has already been assessed. 

The details of the bird diversity course project are on BB9.

Share day - an exciting opportunity to present your bird research to everyone.

The Share day will take place on 29 April, but the deadline for students to send their abstracts is 12 March.


Please see details HERE


Contact us if you'd like your campus to be part of this project and we will add your bird list and photos. Alternatively, if your campus is already listed just send us your pictures.