Dubai Men's College


The DMC Campus, which opened in 2004, is set in semi-desert with low scrubby vegetation on the fringes of the urban area. It contains a variety of ‘micro-habitats’:


The buildings themselves – these have provided nest sites for Pale Crag-Martins and Pallid Swifts.

The gardens, courtyards and car-parks associated with the buildings – these are permanent home to a variety of the common UAE garden birds, such as Bulbuls, Common Mynahs, Purple Sunbirds and Laughing Doves, and are visited at certain times of year by Green Bee-Eaters, Hoopoes and others.

The more extensive lawns and sports pitches, bordered with trees and high hedges – these attract Cattle Egrets, Larks and a variety of passage migrants, such as Wagtails, Buntings, Shrikes and Flycatchers (this was particularly true in the early years, when these areas were under preparation).

The rough ground with some trees and sparse vegetation on the periphery of the campus – here Red-Wattled Lapwings and Grey Francolins live and breed in quite large numbers.

The helipad/septic tank area – up until 2010 overflow from the septic tanks and/or drainage works created a small wet ditch which attracted a surprising variety of waders in spring and autumn; this area has now been ‘cleaned up’, but an area of reeds remains, in which Bluethroats and one Sedge Warbler have been seen, along with large numbers of Graceful Prinias.

The campus is quite close to the Pivot Fields, Sewage Works and Al Warsan Lakes, so Black-Headed Gulls, Cormorants, Glossy Ibis and Herons can sometimes be seen in DMC airspace, along with Kestrels and Shikra.


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