Currently, there are six campuses involved in this project.


Dubai Men's College is located in Academic City, Dubai, between the E611 and Academic City Road. It is approximately 20km from the coast, in what would naturally be a semi desert area. Campus Description


University City Sharjah is on the opposite side of the E88 from Sharjah Airport. It is approximately 12km from the coast, in what would naturally be a desert area with low rolling dunes. It consists of the American University of Sharjah, The Higher Colleges of Technology, Sharjah University and a number of other institutions. All well irrigated with open grass areas and gardens.


Dubai Women's College is located in the Al Nada area of Dubai, close to the Sharjah border. It is only 3 or 4km from the coast and is built up area. However, the college and plenty of green space and gardens.


Fujairah Higher Colleges are located on the East Coast on the coastal plain between the Hajar mountains and Indian Ocean. The Women's Campus is approximately 1km from the coast, and slightly closer to the mountains. It is in a developing urban area, but has extensive green space and gardens. Likewise, the Men's Campus is in developing urban area, but with extensive green space, only it is about 6km inland at the head of a wadi delta.


Abu Dhabi Women's College and Khalifa Campus 

Abu Dhabi Women's College is divided into two campuses. The original campus is located downtown on the main Abu Dhabi Island, very close to the coast.  It is in an established urban area, but it's grounds contain ample open grass areas and gardens. The new campus in Khalifa City is in a newly developed area, it too has gardens and is also close to the coast.

Sharjah English School

Sharjah English School is located on the Kalba Road, just North of Sharjah University City. Like University City it is 12km from the coast and naturally would be a desert area, with low rolling dunes. It has extensive playing fields and gardens.


Contact us if you'd like your campus to be part of this project and we will add your bird list and photos. Alternatively, if your campus is already listed just send us your pictures.